General Information

Company Name

CellGenTech, Inc.

Head Office

Chiba-dai Inohana Innovation Plaza #207, 1-8-15, Inohana, Chuo-ku,

Chiba-city, Chiba 260-0856 Japan mapMap




CellGenTech Tokyo

D's VARIE Kanda-nishikicho #201, 3-6 Kanda-nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku,

Tokyo 101-0054 JapanmapMap



Management Members

Masayuki Aso - President & CEO
Joined Eisai Co., Ltd. in 1981, and was in charge of product planning for pharmaceutical business. Was involved in postmarketing surveilance and clinical developments.
Joined AnGes MG, Inc. in 2001, and was engaged in debvelopments of nucleic acid drugs and gene therapy in charge of clinical developments and business planning.
Founded CellGenTech, Inc. in 2003, and assumed President & CEO.
Masami Tanio - Senior Director, Clinical Development
Joined Green Cross Corp. (Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation) in 1978, and was engaged in drug developments from research to clinical developments.
Joined Mebix, Inc. in 2003, and was involved in planning promotion in the area of commissioned clinical drug research.
Joined CellGenTech, Inc. as a senior director in 2006.
Tetsuya Mishima - Senior Director
Joined Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. in 1987
Joined the Investment Banking Division of Bank of America in 2000.
Took part in the establishment of Watervein Partners in 2002, and became a Venture Partners of the Company (He is still in tenure of this position at present.)
Joined CellGenTech, Inc. and became a Director.
Michihiro Oka - External Board Member
Hiromu Hara Ph.D. - Auditor
Joined Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 1984, and was engaged in new drug discovery, Corporate Planning and Intellectual Property.
Joined CellGenTech, Inc. in 2018.
Akira Shiga - Auditor
Joined Eisai Co., Ltd. in 1966, and was engaged in Clinical Development/Quality Control and Drug Business Planning with responsibility for R&D.
Joined CellGenTech, Inc. in 2004, and was appointed Director and in 2008, was appointed Auditor.
Kiyokazu Nemoto - Auditor
Joined Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd. in 1975, and was engaged in system developments for financial field and bioscience field.
Worked as facilitator at Incubation institutes for Venture Business at Chiba University. Joined CellGenTech, Inc. in 2018.
Kazuo Hirai - Auditor
Joined Eisai Co., Ltd. in 1981.
Joined CellGenTech, Inc. in 2023, and was appointed Auditor.